This week Krista Stevens suggested we capture something, “Soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing.” Even a lifetime of 100 years is an evanescent moment in the history of the universe. Imagine how these roses feel!

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Taking a photo with a camera is all about reflections. We need light to reflect off an object or a place or a person to get those sensors buzzing. Here are a few reflections from the last few weeks that got me thinking about how to respond to Nancy Thanki’s weekly photo challenge. Enjoy!

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Everything’s Coming Up…

…Rosey. Recent San Francisco Bay Area Home Price Data Here. Flower shot taken at the California Nursery Historical Park, Fremont, California.


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No laser involved (see picture below)… just plain old employment data for the San Francisco Bay Area. The danger: Total current Bay Area employment is 70,400 below the recent peak figure of 4,036,900. Oh my! Lions and tigers and bears. Will this summer lead to a new high or will we run out of economic steam?

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Photo Challenge: Security

It’s Wednesday and I just found out they don’t need me for jury duty after all! Phew!

How to celebrate? Step up to answer Krista Stevens’ challenge. Snap a photo that suggests how I interpret the word Security.

For me it’s simple: Have a code to live by and keep some cash handy should you need to leave town in a hurry! 😊

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Ben Huberman asked us to show Dense. Having driven there yesterday, I immediately thought of downtown San Francisco. How dense? Around 18,489 persons per square mile per the California Department of Finance.

San Francisco, CA as seen from Twin Peaks

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California Green

Coastal California has two seasons: Winter Green and Summer Brown. It doesn’t rain much here from April to October. During the dry season the grassy hillsides turn shades of brown. Having grown up on the East Coast I was used to summer rains and green forests and green, grass-covered rolling fields. This time of year, I now get to enjoy the lush green-ness of Winter Green California. Here are a few examples from the rolling hills west of Palo Alto, California to answer Michelle W’s challenge this week to be green.

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