Photo Challenge: Peek

A weekly photo challenge from Michelle Weber to show a peek of something. To pique our interest. How about someone in this instance?


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Up High

Made a new yearly high in SF Bay Area Employment in September. While we have a new high, it’s just a slight bump up from the prior peak set in October of 2016. While this is a favorable trend I keep hearing about people leaving San Francisco or the Bay Area for less expensive places to live or better work environments. To paraphrase one young person, “I got tired of stepping over people sleeping on the sidewalk on my way to work.” The shine has worn off San Francisco. Will the people working at 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place take notice?

See September 2017 Employment Data Here

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Photo Challenge: Waiting

We have a two-week window for the most recent photo challenge so I, of course, took my time… I caught a surfer in the act: waiting for the next wave. This challenge – Share a snapshot that shows a sense of waiting – is a good idea from Cheri Lucas Rowlands. It brings back memories of, “hurry up and wait,” while I was in the Army more than a few decades ago.

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A ray of sunshine

It’s been a real San Francisco summer. That means fog and overcast… almost ten days in a row finally broken by a little warmth and sunlight in my little neighborhood.

The San Francisco Bay Area employment picture has also been foggy, as well, finally broken by a little uptick in July. We are still below the peak employment set in October of 2016. See the July 2017 employment stats here.

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Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny!

A weekly photo challenge to show something shiny, a distraction, from Andrea Badgley of the wordpress crew. When I’m out walking I’m most frequently distracted by flowers. We are blessed with some lovely wildflowers during the springtime here in Northern California. Neighbors also fill street fronts with blooming buds of every imaginable size, shape and color. When your knee’s barkin’ at you for being old it’s a nice distraction to be able to snap a picture of a beautiful flower in its full glory.


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Photo Challenge: Elemental

How to portray the elements: earth, water, air, and fire? This week the wordPress community has been challenged by Erica V. to show the elements. Here are some examples from along the Northern California coast between Santa Cruz and San Francisco. Hope you enjoy.

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Employment Oops

Trends suggest employment usually picks up in the spring-summer-fall triangle. We’re back to a typical foggy San Francisco summer this year. The employment data is in a fog, too. See June 2017 employment trends here.

Pacifica, CA viewed from Milagra Ridge Open Space

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