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Nasdaq Versus Median Home Prices

For many years the word on the street was that local home prices here in San Mateo County, California correlated with the movement of the Nasdaq Composite Index. The stock market measure that is weighted with many of the local … Continue reading

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Maybe Those Stories are True

It seems Austin, Texas is a popular place for Californians to relocate. There’s a big Apple project under development there. Recent Bay Area employment data is supportive. Total current (Nov-2019) Bay Area employment of 4,146,900 is 27,400 below the recent … Continue reading

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How did December Happen?

Some close to year-end updates in economic data, housing data (CoreLogic stopped publishing its Bay Area median price data, so I will cobble together as best I can) and employment data. Employment data suggests a slowdown in the economic growth … Continue reading

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2019 Summertime Blues

Bad news is starting to pile up around the housing and apartment markets in the San Francisco Bay Area. Let’s be real… markets go up and down. This may, however, be a reflection of weakness in the employment market of … Continue reading

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Making a Comeback

The year 2019 started off a little rocky on the employment trail. The month of May saw a significant comeback in job growth, but the year ahead remains cloudy. See recent Employment Data here.

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Cloudy with a chance of change?

After a strong year-end burst of job growth, January 2019 started with a big, loud boom. Not a good boom… a drop of 77,900 in Bay Area employment. February 2019 saw some recovery, but the picture is a bit muddy. … Continue reading

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Is It Really That Calm Around the Bay?

Was at a large meeting today with appraisers from all over. Consensus about 2019? There is none. Lots of speculation about the direction of the real estate market in the coming months. We will have to wait and see. Saturday … Continue reading

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Another New Year

Welcome to 2019! Statistical data always takes a while to go from real world to data gathers to data analysts like me. Some November 2018 data is available for housing prices and employment plus full year residential mortgage rates. It … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge: All-Time Favorites

Well… good-bye to photo challenges! Not my favorite photo, have too many favorites, but a nice pic and a parting thought about time passing by.

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Photo Challenge: Place in the World

An interesting question is keeping me from work this morning. Erica V. asked “…explore what it means to find your place in the world. Where’s your safe space?” I thought about it for a moment and quickly settled on two … Continue reading

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