Ranching on the Coastside

Ranching on the Coastside

This ranch is still working, but many farms and ranches on the San Mateo County Coastside compete with high-end homes as possible uses. It’s no wonder. As I was driving along Highway 84 between San Gregorio and Woodside last Sunday I counted two Ferraris, two Ford GT 40s and a couple more Teslas plus an Audi R8 as I got on the 280 Freeway. The Teslas, at $80,000+ per copy, were the cheaper cars by large measure. And don’t let that Highway 84 moniker fool you. Between Woodside and San Gregorio, Highway 84 is a narrow, twisty, two-lane asphalt trail of switchbacks, sweepers and “Bump Ahead” torture if you’re in a softly sprung sedan. Many weekend drivers shift with their feet and ride on only two wheels. If you don’t like narrow road no shoulder driving and motorcycles that pass on curves, head south down the Coast Highway from Half Moon Bay, turn left onto Stagecoach Road to enjoy the view on your way into San Gregorio (basically an intersection). Spend a weekend day at the San Gregorio General Store (http://www.sangregoriostore.com/) and you can buy a beer at the bar or a cast iron skillet or flannel shirt in the store (same room), listen to music or mail your postcard while watching the techies blow stock option funny money on fancy cars.

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