The old saying goes, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” I could not find a source for this well-known quote but, as the saying goes, “that’s baseball.”

After a recent dental visit I was trying to soothe the pain I was feeling and I found myself in a bookstore attempting to spend my way to health. I was looking for a book by Joseph Campbell but the only copy they had apparently vanished into thin air before I could tamp down the pain in my jaw. Always one to seek a good deal I was quickly drawn to the “Sale” table where I found a book on Edward Weston. He was a wonderful early photog and apparently an avid philanderer.


Joe’s Eggs & Slicer Ripoff

I soon found myself in the kitchen trying to replicate Eggs and Slicer from 1930 (http://www.flickr.com/photos/32357038@N08/8328574802/). I ended up with two shots. One a more direct ripoff and the other an homage. I miss the days of black and white film and the smell of developer at 68 degrees. I have yet to master the art of digital B&W. I will keep trying.


Joe’s Eggs and Slicer Homage


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1 Response to Flattery

  1. Angela Napoliello-Ivory says:

    Too bad – I recently recycled a really old metal egg slicer!!
    Who Know!!
    Nice pictures Joe!!!

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