Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

20140309-2swee3-P1019402A challenging test of perspective: post a photo which is not what it seems to be. I am offering a view of a window frame. Windows often provide our view of the world. The frame holds the window tightly (we hope) in place. Language may be loose at times. Hence, an ad that suggests you need to replace your windows to keep out those cold drafts of air, well, the windows often work quite well. It’s often the frame that needs to be replaced. Even further, this entry in the challenge is also about chiaroscuro. The importance of light and dark in an image and the strength it adds to a photograph.

The second image provides perspective. The window frame is in an abandoned Nike Missile Control Tower atop Sweeney Ridge between San Bruno and Pacifica, California. It’s about 900 feet above sea level with a view of both the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay. The Nike site was abandoned years ago and the concrete structure an20140309-2swee3-P1019402_4-d steel components now decay in the fog and also provide a canvas for juveniles. The bottom part of the image gives a little geography lesson. The V notch in the hills seen from behind the tower is the San Andreas Fault. In this area, Sweeney Ridge is really the westerly side of the fault. The easterly side will someday be beachfront property but, unfortunately, not for many thousands of years. Unfortunately, because I live right along the easterly side of the fault, so my hopes of someday owning beachfront property will not be realized.

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1 Response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

  1. Rick Diffley says:

    Ok, the first 2 images really capture the essence of the challenge. Well done!

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