What’s At The End Of The Tunnel?

20140322-2mv2_DSC0288Home prices in the San Francisco Bay Area remain stuck in a narrow range. The past nine months has seen the stabilization of the market in price but based on unusually low sales volume. The all-homes median price was $540,000 in February of 2014. That represents a 33.3% increase over February of 2013. Not bad! The average median price over the past seven months is $539,036 which is a 4.1% drop from the recent peak of $562,000 set in July of 2013. Even more of a surprise is that six of the nine Bay Area Counties most recent median price is lower than the average for the last nine months. Only Napa, San Francisco and Santa Clara Counties have recent median prices above their respective nine-month average. It will be interesting to see what the second quarter of 2014 brings so we can make a comparison with quarterly trends from 2013. (See SF Bay Area Housing Trends page above for most recent summary)

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