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As an appraiser I get to visit all sorts of properties and see things most people don’t experience in their lifetime. Recently, I got to see the inside of Candlestick Park in San Francisco. Not as an appraiser, but as a regular Joe. The venerable old stadium has seen its last 49ers game and the Giants left way back in 1999. Come next spring the site will be just another empty lot. As a parting gift you can go on a 70-minute tour of the stadium (

My daughter and I arrived a little early and we were greeted by friendly staff, cool blue skies and puffy white clouds. The tour guide, Amanda, was a real San Francisco treat: very knowledgeable and helpful. The old stadium still looks good as long as you don’t look too close. Puddles of water in places puddles shouldn’t be, tell-tale rust spots, nervous-making cracks in concrete, last-century telephones… the list is long but The Stick served its purpose and the staff is still full of pride for their home at Candlestick Point. We got to share the locker room with the ghosts of 9ers and Giants past and the field with their spirits, as well. The roar is just an echo now but The Stick will not fade too soon. Let’s not forget, the coldest winter you ever spent was at a Giants night game in July with the fog and wind turning a routine fly into the pop-up dance. Gloves, hat and a parka at a summertime baseball game? You betcha! #tourthestick

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