Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring!

20140502-2yard3_DSC1158Spring is… Baseball! From the time I was 5 until I was 14: spring was baseball. The formative years, ya’ know? Baseball gloves rubbed in Neatsfoot Oil, baseball unis that smelled like mothballs, cleats that didn’t fit anymore, athletic tape, fungo bats, playing pepper, laps around the field, hangin’ out with friends who knew the difference between an infield hit and a fielder’s choice. Yeah, spring is roses and birds making nests and longer days and all that, but it’s really about baseball, little league, the big leagues and getting ready to play!



20140225-2SF03_DSC9691 20140225-2SF04_DSC9692 20140225-2SF05_DSC969420140225-2SF02_DSC9690

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