Photo Challenge: Adventure

20140706-surf_v2_DSC2195You don’t always need a road to follow to start off on an adventure. In our modern age we don’t have to pack our meager belongings and choose a path to somewhere unknown. We’ve created so many sports and games we need not embark on a journey into the wilderness to get a good rush of adrenaline.

I’ve tried surfing and wind surfing. I was a miserable failure in both instances. While watching these kite surfers near Bonny Doon to the north of Santa Cruz, CA, I was struck by the speed of the sport and the agility of the players. Quite an adventure. Go tame the wind and the surf. You won’t have to worry about getting out of my way!

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5 Responses to Photo Challenge: Adventure

  1. Moersalin says:

    Wind surfing, water surfing, both are just great..

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