Oh, The Drought

It’s a tough time to be a plant in California. Third year of drought has left the trees and plants parched. Lawns are withering. I try to use less water. It’s a process. Old habits are not hard to break… they’re nearly impossible! I’ve used collected water for this rose but I’m hoping we finally get a break this winter. It’s not easy to watch trees and plants suffer. Think Rain (for California)!

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3 Responses to Oh, The Drought

  1. josiecoccinelle says:

    Magnifique toile d’araignėe… 😉

  2. Bevinne Morse says:

    At least you got some rain … they called it Godzilla – and it looked like that on the satellite map … 🙂 I used to live in Livermore … 😉 Great photos!

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