Photo Challenge: Twinkle

My kids love the end-of-year holidaze. They spend eleven months looking forward to the celebrations, excitement, gift-receiving and general merriment. Can you blame them?

When they are little they tolerate the pop of flash bulbs that document the year-end joy. But… things do change. As they grow older they snarl and spit “point that camera somewhere else!” Can you blame them?

I managed to get two of my (adult) kids to sit still for my camera a few years ago. There was joy and merriment and the twinkle of tree lights and the twinkle of eyes reverting back to a being a little kid at year end.

May all your holidays be filled with twinkle!

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10 Responses to Photo Challenge: Twinkle

  1. Swav says:

    It seems like another bug on wordpress this week… pingbacks doesn’t work, so now we can see how many folks are visiting blogs and how many likes are comming from the reader 🙂 have a great time to you as well, Cheers from Ireland, Swav

  2. That’s one thing I really love about Christmas, it really does help you feel young and carefree again even if just for a day. Lovely post.

  3. Such happiness in these photos.


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