Photo Challenge: Today Was a Good Day

The weekly photo challenge from Cheri Lucas Rowlands involves a new photo toy… a Mesh Gallery. Well. I may be old but I never outgrew my love for toys.

Here’s a try from a day in September of 2014. I was on a trip with my sister and a friend of hers. They were both visiting Northern California for the first time and we took a 10-day sabbatical from the real world to visit some touristy faves. We were staying in Reno (they like to gamble) and took a side trip to Tahoe. To me, it should have been the other way around, but any day that involves Reno, Virginia City and Lake Tahoe can’t be all bad!

Have a good weekend.

See the photo challenge here.

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2 Responses to Photo Challenge: Today Was a Good Day

  1. Great photos. Well done on meshing. You are one of only a few so far. Loved your photos also.

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