Photo Challenge: Monochromatic

It’s Friday… it’s a lovely day outside here in usually sunny (when it’s not foggy) Northern California. It was a beautiful sunrise but I was too lazy to get out there this morning and challenge the sky with my trusty camera. Besides, it was hardly monochromatic. It had a lovely selection of whites, grays, blues, oranges, reds, violets and various other hues and shades. What to do then, in response to Jen H’s monochromatic challenge?

Flipping through the pages of my photo collection (virtually, of course). I stumbled on a selection of mostly monochromatic color images and black and whites that sort of fall into that selective focus/monochromatic theme. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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5 Responses to Photo Challenge: Monochromatic

  1. coolquilting says:

    lovely selection…I especially like the 3 willets and Sandy

    • Thanks Cool… the 3 willets were actually part of a group of 5 who were enjoying the surf. Sandy was pure happenstance… I stopped along Highway 1 to shoot a picture of Montara Beach and a group of kids were enjoying the surf directly below me. I like all the diagonal elements going on with the water, waves and shadows.

  2. I liked her definition of “monochromatic” which opened the doors to photos like this that are more than just B&W.


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