This business week end we were challenged by Ben Huberman to focus on something narrow, something slender, something with a restricted view. Ben, please excuse me, it’s been a difficult week of spreadsheets and present value analyses and grinding out a long report on a difficult property… I can’t think literally anymore.20160201-jn-DSD_9524_x1500

Maybe I’ve been reading too many books on photography but the only thing that came to mind was narrow tonal range. That reminded me of a selfie I did earlier this year but I never bothered to process the raw image. It all got started with me trying to knock off a 1905 portrait of Clarence H. White by Eduard J. Steichen. I like to steal from the masters. I found the original image in my reproduction copy of Camera Work, the quarterly publication of modern art and photography published by Alfred Stieglitz. It’s amazing to see the early 20th Century brought to life in such a narrow tonal range.

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