Saturated: A Weekly Photo Challenge

On a slow business week: government shutdown, no employment statistics, stock market sliding; I thought an image of the recently departed summer might help. I miss summer and it’s only been gone a week or so. We didn’t really have a very nice one here20130628-2SF_25_DSC_5958-1920 south of San Francisco. Never really got hot. Coldest during the 10-year span I’ve lived on the Peninsula. So, there was this one hot spell, though, and I happened to be in San Francisco and saw that it was clear on Twin Peaks. You’ll recognize that part of SF by the huge TV broadcast antenna tower perched atop it like an anachronism from the past. What 21-Century tech junkie uses an antenna in an urbanized area anymore??? Ever heard of cable or satellite? So I bopped to the top and found… WEIRDNESS! When I looked through my long telephoto at downtown I saw waves in the air. Heat waves! In San Francisco? Yes… and an interesting photo with comically saturated colors instead of the usual fog-induced diffusedness to which I am accustomed. Ah, the Bay Area, always something new.

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