Little Egret

Some days architecture does not stir my creative spirit. I look to landscapes and nature to sharpen my camera’s eye. Living in the SF Bay Area you do not have to travel too far to find enticing vistas or w20131013-2bg_01_DSC7402ildlife sharing this small corner of the planet. While walking along the Bay Trail in Burlingame I found a Little Egret who was not shy. The gulls and whimbrels and avocets and killdeer I usually run into make tracks when I point 300mm of lens in their direction. I went over at low afternoon tide as it’s usually a good time to catch feeding action along the shore. Since low morning tide was at 1 a.m. I figured the light would be better in the afternoon, as well. I was right. It was a rare wind-less afternoon along the bay so the shoreline was crowded with birds. I even got to watch a couple of pelicans dive bomb the little fish that were running close to shore. I am certainly glad I can drive to Ichiban on El Camino Real for my sushi instead of diving into the bay.

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