Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

This week we’ve been challenged by Krista of WordPress to Express Yourself!

Well, okay, I will add a picture. But to see how I really express myself I’ll ask you to check out how I express myself with numbers, too. I really express myself much better in Microsoft Excel than with a camera. I track certain trends in real estate. One thing I watch is the median home price in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Numbers often make heads spin and eyes glaze over. A chart is more effective. (click here to see what I mean) This must go back to our early history before the alphabet existed where pictures were how we expressed ourselves.

It’s interesting to see how the median home price in the Bay Area has just flattened out over the second half of 2014. Will the trend line be up or down from here? Regardless, it will be an interesting 2015.

See the Weekly Photo Challenge here.


First Selfie of 2015

First Selfie of 2015

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