Photo Challenge: Early Bird

Sunrise? Are you kidding me? Sunrise and night owl do not compute. I have about 1000 sunset shots for every sunrise shot in my portfolio. So, there was this one day in 2013 that I woke up early and saw that it was going to be a rare day with good character in the sky (broken clouds). In the part of the Bay Area where I live we get sun with clear but hazy skies or fog and not much rain lately. Hence, few character building clouds.

One nice thing about where I live… It’s about four miles to the Pacific Ocean and about three miles to the San Francisco Bay. The sun sets over the Pacific and rises up out of the Bay… or so I’m lead to believe as I’ve only seen it happen once or twice in the nearly 40 years I’ve lived here and those times may have been part of a dream.

I do have photographic evidence of my capturing a sunrise if you can trust EXIF data. I’ve included a few shots as evidence in this possible case of mistaken identity.

Now if you want a real challenge… check out the triptych. Sunrise, noon and sunset taken on the same day at the same spot in Rockaway Beach, Pacifica, California. Don’t know what possessed me, but give it a try and let me see your results. Good shooting! Joe

OH YEAH: Most recent employment stats for the SF Bay Area right here!

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