Photo Challenge: Motion

The weather forecast was interesting: clear and sunny with big waves on the coast. It was a Saturday so off I went to Pacifica. Only four miles away if you could only drive straight over the coastal range, but, alas, you can’t. Twenty minutes up Skyline to Sharp Park and down to the fishing pier. The weather guessers were right for a change. Sunny, clear and big waves.

The surf was pounding the sea wall and the crabbers on the pier were getting quite a sight as the waves reached near eye level. Even the seagulls were enjoying the show. The waves were blowing spray all over and booming and crashing and shaking everything in sight. Just another lovely day in paradise as a friend who lives in town likes to say.

The one thing that did catch my eye was the surfers… not the human ones… too rough for them. Some of the seagulls apparently enjoy gliding along the edge of the big waves and coasting on the updraft. They’d go around and around catching the big waves just for fun.

Good shooting!


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7 Responses to Photo Challenge: Motion

  1. Nice job, I like the one you’ve titled “wave surfer” the most.

    • Thank gotta… it’s in a 5×7 format and makes a nice print. It’s highly compressed on here but okay to download. The rainbow colors in the spray above the bird make it more interesting.

  2. badfish says:

    really love those wave shots! and the bird

  3. Swav says:

    nice waves but looks quiet cold… cheers from Ireland 🙂

    • Swav… yes… very cold for someone who grew up on the East Coast and enjoyed warm ocean water. Very, very few swimmers and surfers use full wetsuits.

      • Swav says:

        full *suits are normal in Ireland over the year… but as I guess, it’s all depend on conditioning… I know some who does hiking in Poland and Norway with the T-shirt, but his different, same as the folks who likes to swim in the ocean during winter 🙂 keep warm 🙂

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