Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature

Here I am, four miles to the Pacific Ocean and three miles to the San Francisco Bay. It’s Northern California. It’s sunny, it’s foggy, it’s windy, it’s cool in the summer and wet in the winter (usually). It’s bay flats and coastal hills and sandy and rocky and a peninsula that runs from San Francisco to San Jose. Lots and lots of forces of nature. None, however, compare to the one I hope remains unforced for many years to come.

That testy old San Andreas Fault runs just 400 or so yards from where I’m sitting. It’s one force of nature that you can be standing on and not know it’s at work. Relentlessly slipping and grinding away mostly unseen and unheard and unfelt. Most quakes are rocking or jolting or swaying affairs. Many go unnoticed. Most would say they never felt a little minor 2.0 tremor unless they were on top of it. That happened to me about a year ago. The whole place was buzzing like a giant industrial vacuum cleaner was at work on the floor above except it wasn’t. I stopped and looked around and had to wonder, “what the?” Then reason set in and I checked the USGS quake website. Sure enough, less than a mile away just on the west side of the fault. A reminder that the San Andreas doesn’t rest. A ceaseless yet silent force of nature.


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6 Responses to Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature

  1. I live in the mountains of Colombia, South America…the only time I have ever felt a tremor was years ago in Los Angeles. UNTIL I moved here…we have some shaking here and there occasionally. I was surprised the first time, the second time I was in the kitchen, and now I just ignore…LOL

  2. Oh and Parapente is big here!

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  5. Angela says:

    Love it!!

  6. Julie says:

    great captured! amazing!

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