Quickly the week does proceed… Jen Hooks asks us – this week – to visualize pure. I equate pure to simple… everyone has something that comes to mind. Gladly, we all think differently and the outcome is an interesting world in which to live.

I love the ocean. The sound, the smell of salt, spray in the air, surf to tumble in and pure sunrises or sunsets, depending on your proximity to water, unadorned by buildings or trees or other inanimate objects. Here are a few Pacific sunset shots that were a pure joy to watch transpire.

I also enjoy the pure simplicity of nature in finding ways replicate and spread. The thistledown (seed) is tiny. Carried by the wind or finches who love the small size of the seed, the thistle finds a way to spread its wings and fly.

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27 Responses to Pure

  1. Simply beautiful.


  2. Suvi says:

    Gorgeous photos ❤

  3. These photos bring pure joy just viewing them so I am sure in person it was even more so. Love your photos!

  4. Beautiful. It seems we go often into nature to discover what’s pure. 🙂

  5. mtltechwriter says:

    Psst, I’ve got some great water front property in Jersey you may be interested in…ooops, just got carried away hehe. By-the-way, love those pictures of the ocean, sun, and beach and even that wild flower..well, not so much nevertheless, great pictures!

  6. Wow what wonderful photos and scenes~pure beauty!

  7. My old turf…used to live in Half Moon Bay.

  8. Very, very nice. So inspiring. Fresh.

  9. arv! says:

    beautiful pictures!!

    I’m linking your post to my blog post..on one of two blogs that I write. In case your prefer me not to, pls let me know! 🙂

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  11. helloparth says:

    No worthy human doubts the purity of a sunset, yet we tend to avoid ‘knowing’ why we find it so beautiful, the picture explaining more than words could ever do..

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