I missed Friday… or at least Friday in front of a computer as my work took me to Napa, California for part of the day. I know… what a shame to have to visit Napa. Alas and alack, no wine tasting was included.

When Cheri Lucas Rowlands asked us to… “get inspired by the curves around you,” I had to admit my preference: diagonals. If I want dynamic tension in a photograph I usually go with lines cutting across an image. Curves? Not so much. I did manage to find a few curves and most were bound together with another favorite theme of mine… water. So, enjoy your weekend, and take in a few curves (at a safe speed, of course)!

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5 Responses to Curve

  1. claywatkins says:

    lovely photos leave me yearning for the cool breezes and curves of northern California… thank you.

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  3. Truly beautiful photos! 🙂

  4. Lovely photos! Did you take anything nice when you got to Napa? We moved here recently and love the sights. Check out and follow our wine country blog:

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